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Seize market opportunities and straighten your capabilities amid disruption in the Iraqi automotive and mobility industry.

Automotive Market Research Consulting Firm
Automotive and Mobility Consulting in Iraq
The country is recovering and growing rapidly. After experiencing collapse during the civil war, the automotive market in Iraq has been recovering with rapid acceleration, reaching 76,700 units sold in 2019 (47.50% YoY growth).

Automotive is one of the country's priorities for key revenue generators for Iraq. Strong domestic demand is also driving domestic and foreign OEM manufacturers to expand their production bases in Iraq. It is one of the fastest-growing automobile markets in the region, supported by labour availability, R&D development, geographical advantage, and government support.

Our automotive consultants at Market Research Iraq will provide automotive and mobility advisory services in a wide range of segments, including commercial and passenger vehicles, automotive digitization, development of electric and smart vehicles, , lubricants, aftermarket and servicing, and many more. We are dedicated to helping automotive players to enter, grow, and win in the local market.

Our Key Service Offerings

Iraq Market Intelligence

We bring real-life business experience to provide practical Iraqi marketplace insights for our clients and help them projecting potential shifts in market demands and competitive outlook.

Iraq Market Entry

Several actionable options are measured to reduce uncertainty in the financial aspect through building mapping on relevant market data such as competitors, customers, channels, suppliers, and many more.

Iraq Competitive Intelligence

We make analysis on market competition in Iraq and learn from previous experiences to avoid costly breaches. Clients are guaranteed a unique advantage by discovering unseen opportunities and blind spots in the local market.

Iraq Customer Intelligence

Our consulting team will provide analysis on buyers' persona to generate their demographic, behavior, and buying trends with the aim to give unique recommendations for new products' development.


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