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We have dedicated financial services team to serve unique needs of clients across various areas and help them succeed in the Iraq financial services market.

Iraq Financial Services Consulting Company
Financial Services Consulting Firm in Iraq
The country is taking significant steps forward. Iraq is developing its financial inclusion, as only 23% of Iraqis aged 15 and above held an account with a financial institution in 2017, according to the World Bank. The IMF also recorded that fewer than 30% of Iraqis received any deposits into their account and digital technology to make payments also remains lower compared to peer countries.

Now around 7 million of Iraqis are starting to receive welfare benefits or public sector salaries electronically. Greater digitization is also pivot for the country to accommodate the growing use of e-commerce.

Our team at Market Research Iraq is committed to supporting clients with financial advisory services in various areas, including corporate banking, retail banking, treasury, wealth and risk management, and also digital banking. Our consultants have deep market knowledge and will help clients to address complex business challenges in the industry.

Our Key Service Offerings

Iraq Market Intelligence

We will provide actionable and authentic insights of Iraq market to our clients, aiming to help them projecting changes in market demands and emergence of new competitive threats.

Iraq Market Entry

We measure some considerable choices to reduce financial uncertainty for clients by providing related market data, including competitors, customers, partners, channels, and many more.

Iraq Competitive Intelligence

We give thorough analysis on Iraq market competition and gain insights from best experiences to avoid costly omissions. We make sure to give strategic advantage to our clients by leveraging unexplored market opportunities and blind spots.

Iraq Customer Intelligence

Our expert consultants will give analysis on targeted customers' buying trends, demographic and behavior for essential input in developing new products.


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